Q. How much does it cost to attend the Seminary?

A. Tuition is $300 per 3-credit course plus books and fees. For more information regarding tuition and fees please visit


Q. Do you offer scholarships?
A. SLS offers a very generous $150 scholarship per 3-credit course for all eligible COGOP members.


Q. Do I need to apply for the COGOP scholarship separately?

A. No, all that is needed is to answer the church attendance section of the SLS application honestly.

Q: Are SLS students eligible for financial aid and/or federal student loans?
A: Not at this time.



Q. How much is the application fee?
A. A $50 fee is required with the submission of an application.
Q. Can my application fee be refunded?

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund application fees once they have been submitted.


Q. What denomination is SLS associated with?
A. SLS is an institution of the Church of God of Prophecy.
Q. What does SLS believe?
A. The SLS Statement of Faith is available at
Q. Where are classes held?
A. Courses are offered completely online.
Q. What platform is used for online classes?
A. We currently use Populi to manage all of our online courses.
Q. What does the application process consist of?
A. First, apply and submit the application fee. Then, have someone fill out your recommendation form. Next, have your high school transcripts sent to us, or take an ATB test if applicable. Lastly, sign documents and fill out a background check form if applicable. For more information regarding the application process, please visit
Q. Who can complete my recommendation form?
A. We request a ministerial recommendation. This type of recommendation can be completed by your pastor, a church elder, or a church leader that is a licensed minister.
Q. What type of transcript do I need to send?
A. We require that transcripts be sent to us directly by the school. Transcripts from a high school or an accredited undergraduate school are acceptable.
Q. What if I started college but did not finish?
A. We will accept transcripts that demonstrate that at least one undergraduate course has been taken.
Q. I did not go to school in the U.S., what are my options?
A. We will accept international transcripts as long as it is an official transcript sent to us directly from the school. If the school or institution is not able to send your transcript, there is an entrance exam is available, called an Ability to Benefit Exam. For more information regarding the Ability to Benefit Exam, please visit
Q. What if I did not graduate from high school?
A. . An entrance exam is available, called an Ability to Benefit Exam. For more information regarding the Ability to Benefit Exam, please visit
Q. Is Spirit and Life Seminary an accredited school?

A. Spirit and Life Seminary is currently under review by a certifying agency. The Seminary has produced and provided the necessary documentation and evidence as requested by the agency to advance to the Site Visit step in the process. This means that a group of certifying examiners will review all of our documentation and conduct a site visit very soon to verify our alignment with the required standards of operations, instruction, and assessment.

Certification of an institution’s programmatic operations is very much aligned and akin to accreditation. Certification also requires evidence that the institutional operations and program of study meet standards and remains as arduous as the accreditation processes. Therefore, achieving certification of a program that is not degree-granting is considered significant and validates the program of study as operationally sound and meeting national standards. 

Accreditation is generally achieved by institutions of higher learning, yet not entirely exclusive to degree granting institutions, that is, that award associate, baccalaureate, graduate, or terminal degrees.  Accreditation is an arduous process that requires several years of documentation which evidences that the institution or its varied programs are meeting institutional standards and/or national curricular standards. It requires a tremendous level of work on the part of the institution and is significant once achieved. Spirit and Life Seminary will be exploring options for accreditation upon receiving certification.

Q. Where is Spirit and Life Seminary located?
A. Spirit and Life Seminary’s main offices are located at 3800 Keith St NW, Cleveland, TN 37312. However, classes are available completely online.