On August 31, 2022, Bishop Doctor Michael Hernandez, president of Spirit and Life Seminary, met with the Reverend Kathy Creasy, executive director of Leadership Development and Discipleship, Bishop Doctor Shaun McKinley, director of International Children’s Ministries, and Bishop Kirk Rising, director of Youth Ministries International to sign articulation agreements which award credits for training programs offered by these ministries.

As of September 1, 2022, Spirit and Life Seminary will begin to award credits for IMPACT! Level 2 Certification offered by International Children’s Ministries and the Next Level Course offered by Youth Ministries International. These credits will be applied towards the Certificate in Ministry and Theological Studies Program at Spirit and Life Seminary. Students need only apply to SLS, then request that their certificates of completion from these CM and YM programs be sent to SLS. Spirit and Life Seminary already awards credits for the completion of LDD’s Foundations: Minister’s Development Program and Children’s Ministries’ IMPACT! Level 1 Certification.

Bishop Doctor Hernandez believes this partnership will lead to an increased focus on higher education within the Church of God of Prophecy. “Spirit and Life Seminary is proud to partner with the international children’s ministry and youth ministry departments of the Church of God of Prophecy. It is of mutual benefit to Spirit and Life Seminary, Children’s Ministries, and Youth Ministries that these articulation agreements have been signed. We expect that COGOP children’s ministers and youth ministers will be delighted to find out that the training received through these excellent programs will provide them with free credits that can be applied towards the Certificate in Ministry and Theological Studies program at SLS.

Reverend Creasy shared her excitement about the articulation agreements: “The signing of articulation agreements between Spirit and Life Seminary and International Children’s Ministries as well as Youth Ministries International validates the educational experiences participants have received through these specific ministry training
programs, Children’s Ministries Certificate, Levels 1 and 2 and Next Level, Youth Ministries Certificate. It also offers them an opportunity to continue on a pathway to higher ministry and theological education through Spirit and Life Seminary. Thank you to our Leadership Development and Discipleship directors, Bishop Doctor Michael Hernandez (SLS), Bishop Doctor Shaun McKinley, (CM) and Bishop Kirk Rising (YM) for uniting in the common purpose of developing leaders in the Church of God of Prophecy.”

Bishop Rising had the following to say about the articulation agreement between YM and SLS: “YM International highly values higher learning and training from a Christian perspective. We are excited to announce a new partnership with Spirit & Life Seminary as our choice for developing and training youth and young adults on an accredited level.”

Bishop Doctor McKinley also expressed his enthusiasm over this agreement: “We are grateful to Spirit and Life Seminary and Bishop Doctor Michael Hernandez for this partnership. This agreement affirms the quality of the content and rigor of the Children’s Ministries Certificate Program, as well as encourages our children’s ministry leaders to continue developing theologically and academically. We look forward to working with SLS to achieve our mutual goals of practically developing leaders to advance the mission of the Church and God’s kingdom.”

For more information about IMPACT! Level 2 Certification and awarding of credit for Spirit and Life Seminary, please contact International Children’s Ministries. For more information about the Next Level Course and awarding of credit for Spirit and Life Seminary, please contact Youth Ministries International. For more information about Spirit and Life Seminary, please visit spiritandlifeseminary.org.